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Terms & Conditions


Use of digital space - Resources / Events / Workshops / Courses / Online Learning / Sessions.

When using the digital space of, its resources or/and enrolling for an Event / Workshop / Course / eCourse / Sessions participants, acknowledge their agreement with the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Definitions:  The definitions out-lined at the bottom of this page form a part of these Terms & Agreements.

2. Resources: Any and all resources that are presented and given freely to you, to support and assist you on your journey in living Life At Your Measures, you are requested to share them with the same intentions, as a co creator and a contributor to the highest good of All.  

3. Articles - Course Materials - Courses - Live Events:  To honor the integrity of the information and the years of research, study and divine grace that has been poured into the writing of articles, the production of our workshop/course materials, courses, live events, we ask from our hearts that you do not reproduce our materials by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in the form of a phonographic recording; nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or otherwise be copied for public or private use – other than for ‘fair use’ as brief quotations embodied in articles & reviews without prior written permission of the author. In addition, we ask that you do not share any of the webpages (or webpage URLs) that form our Course Modules/Programs.


4. Recordings: Participants are not permitted to record the proceedings of the Workshop/Event/Course/Programs by use of any (but not limited to) mechanical, audio and/or visual devices (eg phones, dictaphones, video recorders, laptops, flip cams etc..), without the express permission of the facilitator or event organizer.  Photographs are most welcome (at IN-PERSON gatherings), but please respect the privacy of other participants and first ask for their permission.  Participants of our Courses are also not permitted to share any of our Audio or Video recordings without prior permission from the author.

5. Energy Exchange / Refunds / Exchanges:  Please note that any agreed energy exchange for all Workshop / Event / Course / Program / Payment Plan, such as monies paid (in full, early-bird, as a deposit or part of a payment plan or otherwise agreeed) are non-refundable or transferable to another Workshop / Event / Course / Program.  Monies paid are also not exchangeable for other products/services and may not be transferred to other persons (unless special circumstances have been agreed to by Life At Your Measures). 

6. Payment in Full - Live Events: Where monies have not been paid in full BEFORE to an Workshop/Event/Course/Program, then enrolled participants will NOT be able to attend the event and refunds/exchanges on monies already paid are not available.  Only by prior arrangement with Life At Your Measures may Workshop / Event / Course / Program fees be paid at the event.

7. Cancellation of Workshop/Event - Live Event: In the unlikely circumstance that a Workshop / Event / Course / Program is canceled by the facilitator due to unforeseen circumstances, then monies paid will be transferred to when the Workshop/Event/Course/Program is next scheduled (preferably at the same Workshop/Event /Course/Program venue).  Participants will also be offered a full refund of monies paid should they prefer to take this option.  In the cancellation of a Workshop/Event/Course/Program (which is of very rare occurrence), the facilitator is not responsible for any costs incurred by attendees (such as transport, accommodation etc).

8. Change of Venue - Live Events: In the unlikely circumstance that a Workshop/Event/Course/Program Venue is changed by the facilitator due to unforeseen circumstances (such as natural disaster, flood, fire, closure/sale of venue etc), then the facilitator will aim to do everything within their power to ensure an alternative venue is found within as close proximity to the original venue and for the same day/times.  Where an alternate venue cannot be found (for reasons beyond the control of the facilitator), participants will be offered a full refund of monies paid or offered the opportunity to transfer their monies to another day/time.  In these circumstances, the facilitator is not responsible for any costs incurred by attendees (such as transport, accommodation etc).

9. Non-Attendance - Live Events: Should an enrolled participant (who has paid in part or full) not attend the Workshop/Event/Course/Program, then monies paid are non-refundable or transferable to other workshop/events/courses and are also not exchangeable for other products/services.

10. Media:  Upon enrolment, attendance, study, completion of any Workshop/Event/Course/Program, students agree that any screenshots, webapp filming/audio, emails, testimonials, photographs, videos and other such recordings taken by the facilitator becomes the property of the facilitator and maybe used by the facilitator for current/future promotion, advertising, media, e-marketing & other such marketing purposes.  Should you not give your permission to this Term & Condition, then you must advise this in writing to the facilitator BEFORE your attendance or commencement of studies in any Workshop/Event/Course.

11. Newsletter:  After booking for an Workshop/Event/Course/Program through Life At Your Measures, your email address will be added to our Life At Your Measures database and hence you will receive emails from Life At Your Measures from time to time, as well as special offers we gift to all our Life At Your Measures  community members from time to time. We honor your privacy (please read our Privacy Policy) and your email address and personal details will never be shared or sold with a third party.  You can unsubscribe at anytime via a link found at the bottom of any email.

12. Disclaimer:  I hereby acknowledge that in the use of the digital space of, its resources, attendance of any Session/Workshop/Event/Course/Program, the ownership of the intellectual property provided in the workshop/event belongs to Stephania Christodoulou, and that I will not use any of that intellectual property in any form of advertising, education or promotion whatsoever.  I also acknowledge that use of any procedures or techniques learnt in the session, workshop/event are in no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice given to people from qualified medical practitioners.  The session/workshop/course/event material makes no claim to cure any illness or disease, nor does it claim to diagnose and prescribe medical advice.  The information is not intended to offer medical, psychological or other professional services, and whenever persons find themselves in need of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, the above mentioned party encourages them to do so.  In the event that you use the information from the session/workshop/event/course for yourself or others, the above mentioned party assumes no responsibility for your actions.

13. Life At Your Measures reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time.




Event / Workshop / Course: Includes but is not limited to gatherings, scheduled workshop/course, retreats, sessions, life mastery, tours, free public talks, mentoring, community events or expos and any applicable sessions incorporating in-house attendance.   And may also refer to but is not limited to any/all of our ONLINE & OFFLINE Training Programs.

Course Materials: Includes but is not limited to anything and everything that has to do with the courses, as defined above. 

Facilitator:  Refers to the primary facilitator of the Workshop/Event/Course - which includes but is not limited to Stephania Christodoulou or any of chosen teachers.

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