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Are Flower Remedies a new concept?


Flower essences are a botanically based healing system that has existed since ancient times. Evidence suggests flower essences have been used by civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese. They have also been used by most indigenous peoples all over the world such as the Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginals.  They believed the morning dew that appeared on the flowers contained healing properties. They would gather this dew and use it as ‘medicine’. Every flower has a particular knowledge that it imparts into that dew. When an individual ingests the dew, they integrate that healing information into their bio-energetic field.

What is the difference between Flower Essences and essential oils?"


The two are very different and, at the same time, very complementary treatments.

A key distinction is that flower essences treat the emotional body while essential oils treat the physical body. Flower essences are typically ingested directly via the mouth or by way of adding a few drops to a glass of water. They can also be dropped onto a pillow or into a bath, and they can be applied directly to the acupuncture points.

Flower essences are also different from essential oils in that they do not carry the scent of the flower. Because the healing properties are energetic, they do not rely on the aroma of the plant in order to transfer these benefits. It also takes a single flower to make an essence whereas essential oils rely on a significant amount of plant material.

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