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Flower essences bring the natural, dynamic energy of a plant directly into the human system, supporting movement towards greater health and balance. Because of their energetic and living quality, flower essences are able to interface directly and deeply with the emotional system, assisting in the release of early wounding and trauma, and even going into your cellular DNA and releasing ancestral karmic and unhealthy familial patterning. After your session, you will receive a customized flower essence elixir - tailored to your unique constitution and what you require support with, sent to you in the mail.
90 Minutes
Session Includes
Includes intuitively channeled psychic guidance, laser focused transformational coaching, quantum energy healing and emotional alchemy tools.
Mailed directly to you, to be taken over the course of a month. Domestic (within Cyprus) shipping & handling fees are included in the session price.

* International shipping + handling incurs a small additional fee, that will be calculated when you go to book and pay for your session.
Service Includes

In our session, Stephania opens up to the Infinite Spirit / Source Consciousness, while being deep rooted to Gaias Divine Crystalline Grid and connects with her Higher Self and the Quantum Energy Field. Her Higher Self is in direct communication with yours, as well as anything that comes from the Divine and is here to assist you, in easily and gracefully fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission at this time, such as your unconditionally loving Spirit Guides. This allows her to receive information for your Highest Good. She translates the information she receives psychically into clear, compassionate and coherent guidance for you. This happens with precision whether we are in the same physical space or not.


The loving energetic container and the compassionate, non-judgmental space Stephania holds for her clients, allows you to feel deeply seen, heard and safe to face wounds and heal old traumas that you may not have not even realised were blocking you. Becoming empowered, within this work you are transmuting your challenging emotions and life’s challenging initiations into an abundance of spiritual and creative gold, in a way that is “enlightening” and enhances your joy.


Stephania submits to her Divine Mission and to Cosmic Law, meaning adherence to all Universal Laws as they are revealed to her. She has a rare and unique way of conducting energy healing on a multidimensional level. This is a co-active creative process, whereas you and your Higher Self are a dynamic part of. Together you work directly with the zero-point presence of Source Consciousness, which means you can receive healing about events that happened in the past, present and future.


An integral part of the flower essence therapy is working with the flower essences themselves. After your session, she customizes a 1 oz (30 ml) flower essence elixir, specifically formulated to support you, your unique constitution and your energetic signature. This essence helps you continue to integrate the healing work done in the session over the course of the following moon cycle / month.


Many people have never worked intentionally and therapeutically with flower essences before, so if this includes you - you are not alone. Working with a certified and trained flower essence therapist provides a deeper and more personal level of emotional support and transformational healing than randomly guessing at store-bought tinctures.

The healing modalities Stephania works with may be new to you and that is just fine! We want you to feel comfortable before we work together. Every session is unique; however, the general structure and framework of the Flower Essence Therapy Session remains the same.

You will likely start to notice your energy shifting or a sense of relief as soon as you book the session, that is part of the multidimensional nature of this work and why we do not offer refunds once a session has been booked and paid for. The full Life At Your Measures with Stephania session policy disclaimer is available when you go to fill out the intake form as you book your session.

From Stephania: "Our transformative work together begins when I prepare for our session by reviewing your intake form and connecting to Gaia while opening the channel to the Infinite Spirit / Source Consciousness. You do not need to do anything to prepare for our session together, except relax and be open to receive! I encourage clients to be in a quiet and comfortable place, thus creating a sacred space during the session and to bring a journal and a glass of pure, filtered water to the call.

When we meet for our session, thought any means we agree upon, I first submit to my Divine Mission and to Cosmic Law, adhering to all Universal Laws as they are revealed to me, creating a sacred multidimensional ceremonial container for us to co-create. Sometimes I am guided to start our session with a guided meditation or grounding practice, or even energy transmutation through breath work. Usually I am guided to bring through quantum energy healing and/or intuitive guidance during the process of setting the sacred ceremonial container or shortly after. The quantum energy healing maybe assisted by specific flower and plant spirits, that will later be included in your customized essence formula.

Then our session becomes an emotional alchemy session - which is similar to a life and transformational energy healing session - with the added benefit of quantum energy healing and multidimensional intuitive guidance. My Higher Self and I are tracking and reading your energy throughout the entire session. I will ask you to state the concern that led you to seek support and will we work with the energy that is arising in the present moment to be healed. Clarifying questions, acting as activators to empower you to come to a place of greater clarity and or that help old wounds to surface to be healed. Together we will actively transmute this energy. As part of the emotional alchemy session, I will give you easy and applicable tools, mantras/affirmation or “action steps" to assist you after the session and to do alongside taking your essences.

When our session time is coming to an end, I will close the container in a ceremonial way that preserves the energetic hygiene and sovereignty of all parties involved. After our flower essence alchemy session, you will receive your own 30 ml customized flower essence elixir mailed directly to you (international clients included!) and a healing pdf report that includes specific guidance about the plant, crystal & flower medicine in your bespoke formula as well as customized support tips to enhance working with your essence formula throughout the next moon cycle."

We are proud to practice Creative + Beautiful Upcycling! Flower Essence Shipping materials will be a combination of new eco-friendly, reused, upcycled and/or recycled materials in order to reduce the environmental impact on the Earth.

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