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Healing with Flower Essences


Δ   You suffer from anxiety and stress

Δ   You are (feeling) depressed 

Δ   You lack of confidence 

Δ   You have negative emotions 

Δ   You have suffered emotional and physical trauma

Δ   You experience psychosomatic or other physical symptoms

Δ   You have been diagnosed with Cancer or even HIV/AIDS

Then a treatment with Bach Flower Essences may be just the thing for YOU!

Flower Essence Therapy is an extremely effective way of maintaining emotional health just as proper diet and exercise are used to maintain physical health. An individual does not need to be actively experiencing negative emotions in order to benefit from Flower Essence Therapy. Virtually everyone can benefit, whether they are feeling bad or not. It is an easy way to release from the most simple negative emotions like tiredness and anger, to the most extreme, like suicidal thoughts.

A regular check in with your feelings in the form of a Bach remedy consultation can be:

  • an easy and effective way to accelerate your personal growth, as it it builds self-awareness and uncovers blind spots that can keep you stuck or create self-sabotaging behaviour

  • a safe way to prevent unexpressed feelings from building to the point of being destructive to your relationships, your work or your physical health

  • a means to bring you back into balance so that you can sleep, recharge, concentrate and take constructive, effective action

  • a way of identifying deep recurring patterns that you can then deal with using additional therapeutic support (Bach remedies are compatible with most other kinds of therapy)

  • a gentle support for times of stress, such as children leaving home, a relationship ending, caring for an elderly parent or young children, recovering from an operation, moving home, redundancy or juggling too many roles

  • a natural drug-free way to ease you into a deeper process, help you journey through it or support you through the resolution phase

What is Flower Essences Therapy?

Flower Essences are a type of vibrational healing. They are a safe and natural alternative method of healing, uses Flower Essences to help alleviate and treat psychological and psychosomatic problems. Mainly working on the spiritual, mental and emotional energetic level. They gently restore the balance between the mind and the body by casting out negative emotions, such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision, which interfere with the equilibrium of the healing as a whole. Once anything on those levels gets released, physical healing takes place. 


Flower Essences work because they have a high rate of vibration - this comes because they are made from living plant material, blossoms, plants, trees, bushes. There are many flower systems, with most known the Bach system, which we gratefully use here.

The discovery of Bach Essences

Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist and the man who discovered the 38 flower essences in the 1930s, believed at the existence of the soul and that the real cause of disease and unhappiness were emotional and mental problems. He trained as a medical doctor but later worked in homoeopathy and in 1928 set out to find new remedies. His idea was to identify plants that might alleviate the emotional and mental problems, which he saw as the real cause of disease and began using the essence of flowers (a process that places a flower or plant in water over a period of time in order to imbue the water with the flower or plant's unique healing "imprint") to treat his patients' various ailments.

The underlying premise of Dr Bach's system of healing is that

disease originates in the delicate sensitive mind and emotions before it is manifested in the body and we must focus on the healing of thoughts and feelings in order to effect healing at the physical level.

Working with Flower Essences

To work with Bach flowers we need to understand ourselves and the feelings like fear, irritation or self-doubt, which cause us problems. 

Each flower remedy is specifically linked to an emotional, mental and spiritual state. By using the system one introduces the energetic signature of the flower and those positive qualities in ones energy field. Through the flower essence, ones vibration rises to match that of the flower. As the vibration rises, the negative states are being released and shifted into more positive ones. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

Making Clematis Bach Flower Essence

Flower Essences work by acting as living vibrations, both processing and projecting magnetism. This magnetism is stronger and more positive than our ours when we out of balance.


Flower Essences help to raise our vibration to the higher gentle vibration of the flower, acting as tuning forks and activating our life force, which is our true source of healing and enabling that never ending energy source of Abundance to flow uninterrupted. 

By using this system, you are "Flooding the personality with the virtues of flowers." - Bach


Flower Essences are used for the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression, lack of confidence and any other negative emotion, emotional and physical trauma, cancer and even HIV/AIDS. They can be used alongside any other form of treatment.  

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for the whole family including pets and plants. 

Following the consultation, you receive your customised treatment bottle of flower essences tailored to address your specific needs. You will take 4 drops of this remedy, 4 times a day for approximately 3 to 4 weeks. This customized flower remedy will help you achieve your optimal state of mind. As a result, you might notice that the heaviness is lifting, you will be less stressed, smile more, sleep better and generally fit better into your own skin.

All consultations are held online through Skype or through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber. Upon request they can be held in person.

Making flower remedies
  • Consultation (1 hr)

  • Treatment bottle 30ml 

  • Follow up support 


The main reason for the failure of the modern medical science it is that is dealing with results and not causes. 
- Dr. Edward Bach
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